How much does it cost to change a conservatory roof covering?

The primary factor to consider for the majority of clients as well as homeowners is whether they have the budget plan available for a new conservatory roof and whether it’s a glass or polycarbonate sheet, the price of a replacement sunroom roof covering doesn’t come that economical. However, the benefits that you get from the work prolong from making the living space extra comfy in saving money on energy costs with the raised insulation. In this section, we’re mosting likely to assist you with the ordinary substitute sunroom roofing system price for the various sunroom roof panels offered. Each of the typical rates we review in this section will be based around a lean-to roof 3m x 3.5 m in size.

Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate is one of the most common materials for sunroom roofing system panels and this is primarily due to the fact that it is the most cost-effective option. For the products you’re going to spend around ₤ 3,000, which will certainly include all the dealings as well as certainly the polycarbonate sheets required for the conservatory roof covering panels. The job will certainly take around 1-2 days as well as a price of about ₤ 750 in work, as changing conservatory roofings tends to be a two-man task. A brand-new conservatory roof covering made from polycarbonate will certainly make a world of distinction cosmetically, however if you had the same product beforehand, you won’t see much of a distinction in energy performance and in conserving heat. The complete expense for the project will certainly be around ₤ 3,750, meaning that a glass conservatory roof covering might be a better investment, as we’ll check out more below.

Glass Product

Glass conservatory roofing panels are a substantial renovation upon a polycarbonate conservatory roof, mainly because of the enhanced advantages of power effectiveness as well as the shielding double glazing. Nonetheless, these improvements come at a cost, albeit a minimal boost from various other panels. The products will set you back about ₤ 3,500 for a glass conservatory roof, and also the labour will certainly cost around ₤ 850, which isn’t as well dissimilar to other installments, producing a total amount of ₤ 4,250, which is simply ₤ 500 greater than polycarbonate. In simple terms, you get a lot more advantages for your money by choosing glass over polycarbonate, and you’ll conserve a great deal in power bills over the years also.


Earlier we mentioned the option of either a tiled roofing system or plastic shingles. Currently, these types of roof covering panels are much more expensive than both glass and also polycarbonate, with them being a lot more permanent attributes that require more inner work than normal. In products alone, you’re most likely to pay ₤ 6,750 for roofing sheets, sunroom roofing panels as well as ceramic tiles, as well as around ₤ 2,000 in work, indicating the complete figure won’t be far from ₤ 9,000. Once again, if you’re seeking to integrate your sunroom roofing into your house permanently, this is what you’ll need to do, yet or else, you would certainly be far better off with the less costly choices.

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